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今天,依据东阳红木木料微信公众账号台特邀顾问从印尼安德拉邦发去报道,在4月7日早上,百余名印尼安得拉邦奇阿列克地域的小叶紫檀走私者在盗伐檀香紫檀(小叶紫檀)的全过程中,被本地林果业警察搜到,并再次出现显卡交火,至少造成 8名稽查人员伤情,后在特遣部队的支授下,警察击毙了至少20名走私者!据报,印度政府于2014年十一月成功的机构了交易会,中国顾客拍下的1000余吨小叶紫檀于前不久已经的机构装车。本次交易会不但让印度政府看到了该木材种类的使用价值,扩大了被查封幅度,也性兴奋了更为多的欧洲人挺而走险,参与来到走私的队伍。客观性的讲到,这种伐木工大多数为本地的群众,雇佣于走私集团公司,全是最下一层腊苦工的人,遭此飞来横祸,怜悯!据报,本次击毙恶性事件在印尼及国际性上已造成 非常大危害,已被上诉人到了人民权利法院,因而,很有可能会对中国小叶紫檀领域造成全局性而深刻的印象的危害!连接:中国新闻网报道《印度警方与疑为木材走私者交火 已致20人丧生》 本地新闻媒体的全文以下:Atleast 20 red sanders smugglers were shot dead by a task force team of TirupatiPoliceinAndhra Pradesh on Tuesday morning in the Seshachalam forest area, on theoutskirts of temple town Tirupati.Officialssaid that todayearlymorning a beat guard on patrol heard sounds of chopping trees, and whistles andwhoops that smugglers use to communicate in the forests, and alerted theTirupati Forest Division officers. Forestofficials who are not allowed to carry fire arms sought the help of the RedSanders Anti-Smuggling Task Force, specially set up to assist forest officials,and raided the areas. Based on a tip-off, combing was going on the forestssince Sunday and the beat guard came across this cutting operation todaymorning.“Assoon as they saw police, at least 150 to 200 labourershired by the smugglers rained stones, shot arrows and threw sticks and ironroads. They hid behind boulders and attacked. At least eight of our forestofficials were injured and the Task Force opened fire in self defenceandat least 20 were killed. They are allhireddaily wagers from Tamil Nadu. They were camping here since yesterday evening,we believe,” Task Force DIG M Kanta Rao said.The encounter between cops and the smugglers started at 5 am and continued forabout an hour. At least 150 to 200 labourers mostly from Erode and Vellore of neighbouring Tamil Nadu, and from Kurnool district of AP,supervised by smugglers were cutting the red sandalwood trees. Cops foundhundreds of chopped trees at the scene of the encounter.“Asour personnel started firing the labourers ran helter skelter. Many of themescaped into the forest while some we have detained. Combing is going on,” Raosaid.InTamil Nadu, MDMK leader Vaiko and PMK leader Ramadoss slammed the AndhraPradesh government for the killing of 20 red sander smugglers and demandedaction against the officers involved in the operation. 12 ofthose 20 killed are said to be from Vellore,Tiruvannamalai and Tiruvallur in Tamil Nadu. Leaders from the state have soughta Supreme Court probe in the matter.“Officers should be tried for murder,” said Vaiko said.OnDecember 15, 2013, two senior forest officers were mercilesslystoned to death by a red sanders smugglers gang in the same Seshachalam forestsin Chittor district. Deputy Range Officer L Sridhar and Assistant Beat Officer D Kumar died on the spotwhen the gang pelted stones after the two officers challenged then when theyfound them cutting trees in the forest. The two officers had gone on routinecombing along with six other officials. Three others received injuries whilethree managed to escape and call for help.。



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